How often should the vision exercise be done?

30-45 minutes daily, or as often as prescribed by the doctor.

How do I prepare a session?

Please pay attention to a comfortable and relaxed sitting position when practicing. The visual axis should be able to focus the center of the screen directly. The healthy eye must be covered during the visual exercises. We support screen sizes between 10 and 27 inches. This results in the following screen distances for the patients:

  • 10 Inch = 32 cm
  • 13 Inch = 43 cm
  • 15 Inch = 50 cm
  • 17 Inch = 56 cm
  • 20 Inch = 66 cm
  • 23 Inch = 75 cm
  • 27 Inch = 90 cm

Distance calculation = screen size in cm x factor 1.3. The screen resolution is irrelevant, since we adjust to it automatically. All games also work with touch screens, but make sure that you use at least a screen size of 10 inches. If you do not use at least 10 inches, the stimulation is too small and the therapeutic effect is impaired.

What must be considered while performing the vision exercise?

You need good lighting conditions. Light sources should not glare or reflect on the screen.

What kind of risks are there with the Caterna Vision Therapy?

Health risks are not known. If you experience any discomfort during treatment, stop immediately. In case of repeated discomfort please contact the doctor conducting the treatment. Please make sure that you are taking frequent breaks between sessions. A session can be interrupted at any time and continued later.

Who should not do the vision training?

The method is not suitable for patients with epilepsy. For more information, check the instruction manual.

The background of the vision exercise does not show a stimulus?

The vision exercises are limited to 60 minutes a day. If the time is exceeded, the stimulus stops automatically. Please check if the daily practice time was exceeded. The stimulus is not shown, if there is no internet connection or an exercise was cancelled while in progress. Check if your network was connected while the session was cancelled. When the internet connection is recovered just start the exercise again.

Required software

All software platforms that support an HTML5-ready browser. These are e.g.

  • Mozilla Firefox 5x+
  • Safari 13+
  • Google Chrome 8x+
  • Microsoft Edge 18+

Required hardware

  • PC, laptop, tablet (or equivalent)
  • Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon K9 processor (or equivalent / higher)
  • 2 GB RAM RAM memory (or higher)
  • Mouse, keyboard or touchpad, touchscreen, sound

Is Caterna certified?

The patented Caterna vision training is a CE-certified medical device. The harmonized standard EN ISO 14971: 2009 was used for quality management.